Meet your Monthly Doggy Birthday Party Host

Alvin J.O. Almodovar, co-owner of Brownie's Dog Boutique hosts and sponsors Monthly Doggy Birthday parties at Marina View.   Brownie’s Dog Boutique specializes in local and USA Made pet products. Brownie's carries a wide variety of Florida-made, local dog treats, dog bakery items, dog and cat toys, and lots of doggie fashion (we have more dog clothing than any pet supply store in the Daytona Beach-area).

Alvin is a welcoming host and Marina View is honored to have Brownie's Dog Boutique hosting Doggy Birthday Parties.  We asked Alvin a few questions about his inspiration.

MV: Who is  Brownie's Dog Boutique's name sake?
ALVIN: Brownie was a stray dog who lived on Beach Street who became Daytona Beach's town dog from 1939 to 1954. Brownie had a house at the corner of Orange Avenue and Beach Street. He also had a bank account at what it is now the Halifax Historical Society Museum. You can find out much more about Brownie's life at

MV: What's the best thing about bringing a dog into the family?
ALVIN: To us our dogs are our children. We love them as family. The best thing is that you will have the most beautiful unconditional love! Dog is love!!!

MV:  Do you have a favorite new item over at Brownie's for the fall?
ALVIN: We have a lot of new treats that are "shareable". These human grade treats are so tasty and low calorie. They are all made in the USA!

MV: We heard a rumor Brownie's has a second location...share the details please!!
ALVIN:  We have an experimental Pop-up shop in New Smyrna Beach. The shop is located at 310 Julia Street, New Smyrna Beach, FL in the Canal Street shopping district. The hybrid concept is based on retail and non-profit. We offer a lot of the merchandise we have at our main location. The pop-up shop is in the Sophie's Circle house. Sophie's Circle is a dog rescue and dog food pantry. A portion of the sales go to Sophie's Circle.

Join Alvin for our monthly Doggy Birthday Happy Hour Parties at Marina View.