Marina View's Open Mic night : 5 tips to let go of fear and have fun.

Open Mic

Wondering what it would be like to perform in public, but feeling afraid to take the leap? The right open mic venue can be the perfect opportunity to express creativity without judgment. Here's  5  tips to  allow you to drop the fear and embrace your creative spirit.

Tip 1- Prepare.   Pick material (in advance) that you feel an emotional connection to. If it's a song, sing in the shower, sing to your reflection in the mirror, sing in your car, practice in front of your dog (he or she may might just sing along) and know the song inside and out. Preform a mock concert for your family.  If you've written a poem or a short monologue, read aloud several times before performing the piece. The more you know your material, the more comfortable you'll feel when sharing at open mic night in front of strangers.

Tip 2.- Invite.   Invite your friends and family to come and support your creative efforts.  Having your tribe of friends and family who love you is always encouraging when standing in the face of stage fright.  Let your networks of friends know weeks in advance so you can count on your community to be there for you when you are performing.

Tip 3. - Trust.  Believe that the audience is always on your side. Everyone who attends an open mic night is rooting for the performers.  There is an unspoken agreement that everyone is in the venue to support creativity in a positive light.  If you forget the words...that's okay!  The most memorable moments are born of improvisation. Trust your instincts, ignore your inner critic, think positive and the fear will wither away.

Tip 4. - Settle. You've taken the time to prepare, you know your material, give yourself permission to breathe.  It's natural to feel nervous when standing in front of an audience.  Take a moment to breathe, settle into your feet, and share your story.

Tip 5. - Relax & Have Fun! Open Mic night isn't competitive, it's actually a collaboration.  The audience, host, venue and performers come together on Thursday nights at Marina View, to experience creativity in real time.  There's no judgment or criticism, just creativity.   Give yourself permission to let go and enjoy the magic of live performance.

We welcome Musicians, Singers, Poets,  to come share your talent at Marina View's Open Mic Talent Showcase!  Thursday evenings 6 pm to 9pm -artists please arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to start time for registration!  

Marina View Restaurant and Tiki Bar 125 Basin St. Daytona Beach, FL.
6:00pm- 9:00pm Thursday Nights
Come for the music and delicious dishes and stay for the great drinks and the view.
All summer long.

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Hosted by Marina View's own Craig Handwerk.
Questions call Craig 386-341-7472.